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See what the experts are saying!

"Thanks so much for getting my A-class mast done so quickly. It looks really nicely done." "As always, you guys exceeded expectations." "The boat is awesome. You guys did a really nice job."
Peter Johnstone, an A Class, F-18HT, Optimist, and a Gunboat 43 owner

"Now that I've had a chance to look closer at the boat, I have a better appreciation of the great workmanship. The color match is excellent! You even completed all of the additional work below your original estimate."
Constantine Sremetis, Taipan 4.9 owner.

"Nice work on the IC-the bottom looks great and thanks for the fast turn around."
Steve Benjamin

"Thanks again for helping to quickly get my new used Blue Jay up to speed. My boat seemed to work out pretty well and received a lot of compliments regarding the refurbishment. Thanks, again for the "drive-through" service."
Dave Peck

"Almost all of the boats had some form of launcher in front of the forestay bridle attached to, or part of the pole. The favorite seems to be the one manufactured by Guck, Inc. in Bristol (the Skunk). It makes the best trade-off between weight, windage, simplicity and ease of use."
Jay Glaser (Report from the 2002 Tornado Europeans: reprinted from the US Sailing Website)