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We have years of experience building, racing, repairing, maintaining, and optimizing multihulls, from carbon fiber A Class to F-31's to Formula 40's. We can repair major damage from collisions, or just help you to tune your rotating rig. No other shop can offer you our combination of wide ranging repair knowledge and familiarity with the specific needs of the multihull sailor.

Farrier Trimaran

Some of our most loyal clients are Farrier Trimaran owners. We have the unique capability to unload and fold out your boat on hydraulic work stands, allowing us to work on anything from complex rigging to perfectly smooth bottom finishes. Give us a call for your yearly maintenance or your latest wild idea.

Skunk Spinnaker snuffer

The Skunk is a snuffer type fitting that was developed by Lars Guck and Guck, Inc. Responding to the changes in the Tornado class, Lars sought to develop a no-compromise spinnaker launcher fitting, one that would have low weight, reduced windage, yet still offer the ability to launch and douse the spinnaker at a moments notice on either tack. 
Past designs have put all of the weight and windage on the end of the pole, and it was clear that this would not be good enough for the ultra-competitive Tornado class. Our Skunk is mounted on the side of the pole, just in front of the jib tack (or forestay wire for Uni rigs), with the sock running along side the pole. Weight of the entire fitting is under a kilo, and frontal area is minimal, giving you all of the advantages of snuffer-style spinnaker handling without any of the old drawbacks! 
It is worth noting that the Skunk was the first of this new style of snuffer. There have been many attempts to copy the design of the Skunk, but they all fall well short of the quality and functionality of the original. The Skunk's shape has been revised five times, eliminating all of the sharp edges and corners, even on the interior of the fitting! This is truly a no-compromise solution! 
See what the experts are saying!
"Almost all of the boats had some form of launcher in front of the forestay bridle attached to, or part of the pole. The favorite seems to be the one manufactured by Guck, Inc. in Bristol (the Skunk). It makes the best trade-off between weight, windage, simplicity and ease of use." ~Jay Glaser (Report from the 2002 Tornado Europeans: reprinted from the US Sailing Website)
Why is it called the Skunk? For no really good reason. Maybe we will make up a good story, but we don't have one yet!


Guck, Inc. is now making Javelin 2 foils specially designed for the rigors of racing. Developed in conjunction with multi-time Worrell 1000 winner Randy Smyth, these are molded carbon blades that are much stronger and stiffer than the stock foils, and should eliminate the breakage problems that have plagued the class. All blades come with a white gelcoat finish, and custom colors are available!
Extensive testing showed that our foils were clearly faster than the stock items, giving the boat a light and balanced feel on the helm. 
Most of the top teams have already ordered Guck, Inc. foils, including the Rudee's Restaurant Randy Smyth/Richard Feeney team, as well as last year's winners Alexander's On the Bay - Brian Lambert /Jamie Livingston.
• Jav 2 rudder $350 each
• Jav 2 centerboard $450 each
• Custom colors $15 per blade

Custom Projects

We have extensive experience building custom pieces from scratch and can help you realize your wildest designer dreams. If you can dream it up, we can make it happen!