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“My 1978 Merc 150 is making a funny noise, and my Jet Ski is not as fast as last year. Can you take a look at them?”
No. We do not do engine work.

“How much will it cost?”
We do not give pricing without seeing a project first hand. Once we look at a project, we will be happy to give you an Estimate or Quote on the work involved before we start.

“My centerboard and rudder are trashed, can you make me new ones?”
We can easily repair and refinish your damaged centerboards and rudders and make them better than new, even if there is extensive damage or pieces missing (a common problem with damaged Laser blades). The blades will come back straight, fair, and with a t

“The gelcoat on my hull looks bad and I would like to get it re-sprayed.”
This is a very common request and is a project we do all the time. We can clean and sand your hull, spray on new gelcoat, and then sand and buff for a high gloss shine. The gelcoat does not spray on smoothly, which is why you must do extensive sanding and